Find the sum of the specified cells



version 3.0.0 ~



Finds the average value of the specified cell




Displays the minimum value of the specified cell




Displays the maximum value of the specified cell




Round the specified cell to the nearest whole number

example A1=3.1415926535897

=ROUND(A1,-1) // 3

=ROUND(A1,-2) // 3.14

example A1=15980

=ROUND(A1,0) // 15980

=ROUND(A1,-1) // 15980

=ROUND(A1,-2) // 16000

=ROUND(A1,-3) // 16000

=ROUND(A1,-4) // 20000

bookmark_borderBackup confirmation / restoration

Long tap the file to display the menu

Select “Backup Management” from the menu

Backups are displayed in chronological order, so tap any backup

Backup restore

Tap the menu at the top right of the screen

Select restore

*When restored, the backup data will be overwritten on the original file.

Delete backup

Delete the created backup

bookmark_borderAutomatic Backup

*This feature requires an in-app purchase.

Enabling Automatic Backups

Turn on “Automatic Backup” in the settings screen.

Specify the number of generations for automatic backup

You can specify the number of backup generations.

The default is 5, the minimum is 1, and the maximum is 19.

Please note that the more generations you have, the more backups you will need and therefore the more storage will be used.

Timing of automatic backups

  • When the file is closed
  • When the application is moved to the background

Creation will take place at the above two times

If there is insufficient storage on the device, backup creation may fail.

Please take sufficient care.