version 2.0.0~

Deleted files will be saved in the Trash.


  • iCloud Drive and device storage each have their own trash cans.
  • The files in the trash will be saved until you delete them yourself.

Use of trash

Tap to display the list of files in the trash.

Tap on a file to “Restore” or “Delete” it.

If you choose Restore, the file will be moved from the Trash to the list of files in the app.

Files deleted from the Recycle Bin cannot be recovered.

bookmark_borderUsing iCloud Drive

version 2.0.0~

Change the data storage to iCloud Drive

Use this option when editing using multiple devices.


  • An Internet connection is required.
  • It may take some time to synchronize the data.
  • Simultaneous editing is not possible.

Activate iCloudDrive

Activate iCloud Drive in Settings

A menu will appear, allowing you to specify what to do with the data in the device


Save the data in your device to iCloudDrive

Files with the same name will be overwritten.


Use iCloudDrive without deleting the data in your device.

If there are no files in your iCloudDrive, nothing will appear in the file list.


I don’t use iCloudDrive

bookmark_borderMove rows up / down / Move columns left / right

Move row

Long-tap the row you want to move to bring up the menu

Select either “Move row down” or “Move row up”

To move up, select “Move Row Up”; to move down, select “Move Row Down”.

*If there is no line below, “Move Row Down” will not be displayed.

*After moving, the menu will be displayed again, so you can move up and down continuously.

Move column

Press and hold the column you want to move to display the menu

When the menu appears, select either “Move column to the right” or “Move column to the left

This completes column movement and row movement.


It is possible to perform simple calculations by entering from equals and then entering a formula

  1. Tap “=”.

2.Enter a formula

3.Output the calculation results

Use cell numbers in formulas.

You can use it for calculations by entering a cell number.

When the text form is active, you can tap a cell to enter the cell number

bookmark_borderMerge and unmerge cells

Merge cells

Tap the select button on the upper right

Select the start and end points of the cells you want to merge

・Example of horizontal one-row connection

・When merging 4 cells

Tap the join button to join

You will be warned that the data in the merged cells may be deleted before the merge

unmerge cells

Select a merged cell

Tap the release button to complete the release

bookmark_borderChange the text color / background color of the selected cell

Tap the Select button on the upper right

Select the cell whose color you want to change

If you want to change the font color

Select any color and tap “X”.

If the text color is changed to the selected color, you are done.

If you want to change the background color

After selecting a cell, tap “Background color”

Select any color and tap “X”.

Confirm that the color has changed and you’re done